This 100% natural Hair and Scalp Tonic helps stimulate the scalp, soften hair and promote the growth of stronger, thicker hair. Made for all hair types, and available in formulations for women and men, this groundbreaking oil contains 15 ingredients including Hemp oil and Castor oil. It’s also loaded with fiber, vitamin E antioxidants, fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6.

For maximum results, use Luwa Hair & Scalp Tonic on dry hair before every shampoo. The more frequently you use it, the greater the benefits. You should start noticing a difference in as little as three months. After you meet your desired hair goals, continue to use once a week.

You can use Luwa in three ways: As an overnight treatment, a daily leave-in treatment or directly to the scalp (leave on 30 minutes to 2 hours).